Puzzle Piece #4: Site Management

Now that everything is up and running, you will need to take some steps to ensure your sites work for you. Once those profiles have been created, use ping.fm to manage your info through broadcast and inbound. It will send updates to your statuses, blogs and microblogs. (Note: When signing up for social networking sites that allow you to connect or link with others – don’t! Ping.fm will do this for you, and choosing to connect will only double post – a big “no no” in the social media world.)

•Format Google to show your most important information – on your homepage.
•Simply install iGoogle on your desktop and select the Google Gadgets you want on your homepage.
•You can download gadgets that allow you to see Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates. You can also keep ping.fm open, which allows for quick updates.

•RSS feeds: They’re a way for you to get a quick list of the latest story headlines online from all your favorite websites and blogs all in one place.
•Use these to your advantage. People who like what you say can subscribe to your messages and get your updated material on your blog, for example, instead of subscribing to an e-mail blast that constitutes interruption marketing. Anywhere there is an RSS icon, readers can simply click on it and receive your updates.

•Internet Explorer has RSS capabilities built in. Users can subscribe by clicking on the icon and receiving updates via their RSS Reader of choice.

•A program such as FeedBurner (the best we have found so far) can grab the code from your blog, for example, and post it in the areas you deem useful, which broadens your reach.
•Note: Watch out for duplicates with FeedBurner; if you have it automatically post updates to some sites and you also use a connector site such as ping.fm, overlapping can occur.

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