Presenting the NEW JB Chicago

As cliché as it sounds, our clients really do come first at JB Chicago. It is on this perfect excuse that we blame the fact our own Web site was looking, well, a little dated. But we finally had to crack the whip because it didn’t seem right to not practice what we preach. We added the JB site redesign to our to-do list and finally got things rollin’. After months of fine tuning both our design and copy (then looking at it again, only to decide it needed to be redone), we are beyond pleased to unveil the NEW

We finally have a conversion-based Web site built with strong SEO foundations. This new vehicle will work hand in hand with our social networking outreach, all while telling our clients our beliefs and services — and still looking pretty kick ass. This site encompasses who we are at JB Chicago… so check out our latest labor of love. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!

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