Puzzle Piece #2: Social Networking, Microblogging and Blogging Sites

Once you get the gist, it’s time to get rolling. First, you will need to create profiles on the following top social networking, microblogging and blogging sites:

Social Networking:
1. MySpace
2. Facebook
3. LinkedIn

4. You Tube
5. Flickr

6. Twitter

7. Blogger/Wordpress

And, just in case you are wondering what the microblogging/blogging is all about, here is some background for you:
  • Microblogging sites (i.e. Twitter) allow you to post short versions (around 140 characters) of what you are up to. You can post a new article, blog entry, or article as a “tweet,” status update, etc, which others can then view.
  • Blogging sites allow for more room and greater versatility. Write relatively short posts that will engage the reader

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