Battle Royale:Twitter Kills Facebook

In online marketing, Facebook is the name of the game. The conversion rates are typically higher, making people less inclined to try other methods in their social media efforts. But online marketingis not a one-trick pony – you have to explore all of its vehicles to be completely successful. No certain network should ever be counted out.  In some of our own campaigns Twitter is continuously used to drive conversion as part of client online efforts – sometimes seeing similar ROIs as Facebook. Twitter can still compete with the social network giant, and quite possibly kill the competition.

In order to make Twitter effective for your campaign you need to assess the three tiers of Twitter users and see how they can access your brand. These tiers being:

  1. Magazines, celebrities, Oprah
  2. Heavy-hitting bloggers and opinion leaders
  3. Everyone else

For most cases you might as well stay away from the first tier as they are extremely hard to access and rarely participate unless they are contractually obligated. If you combine the next two tiers, however, you could actually tap into an influence that far outweighs the first tier in the long tail. Only a small percent of users will actually engage in your campaign while the rest sit back and watch. If you can get this small percent to be users from the second tier, you can get tap into their reach and create a great number of impressions.

This method can give a campaign a lot of clicks and for dirt cheap. Even without paid Twitter, using a little elbow grease, you can organically grow your campaigns and receive results. With Facebook, unless you have paid advertising in your budget, you will see very little growth organically. However, when you follow hundreds of related users on Twitter, usually about 80 percent will follow you back. After this point, you can appease them by engaging their messages and sharing their tweets, encouraging them to ultimately participate in yours.

In our work with personal development and coaching client, Freedom Personal Development, Twitter has proven to be extremely beneficial in gaining awareness of their programs and ideas. In fact, 40 percent of their clicks come from Twitter alone. What makes this especially gratifying is that they focus only 20 percent of their budget on Twitter.  Had we not originally pursued Twitter, we could have spent a greater amount other vehicles, creating a lower ROI.

Of course, with any method there are certain circumstances that need to be present for it to be carried out successfully.  For instance, Twitter campaigns will only work effectively on a national scale. If you geotarget your efforts, you will end up with very little engagement and a waste of money. A rule of thumb is to start with spending $500-$1,000 on paid Twitter, and if you see even a three percent conversion continue your efforts.

Twitter is not for the end user, merely to be used as a resource. In this age where Facebook rules, Twitter is usually left in the dust. But why should you disregard something that is far cheaper and still a helpful resource for you campaign. With Twitter you can grow your campaign organically and get clicks cheaper than you would by spending all of your money on Facebook. Facebook is the reigning champ of the online marketing game, but Twitter is that older underdog that can strike back and kill the competitor.

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