Google Finds a New Way to Pay to Play

With the recent release of Google+ Pages, the creators at Google have finally found a way to make up for their past mistakes with Google Buzz, Google Places and organic search. This new feature allows people to stay connected to TV shows, universal brands and businesses. The way it works is you create a page profile, similar to the way you would on Facebook, only now with Google+ Pages you have a direct connection to searches. This increases the incentive for businesses to become active on Google+, by creating a page and interacting with its user base.

Google SEO and organic search have been destroyed by advertisers and indexing sites to take over the search engine by giving search priority to irrelevant businesses and spam artists. Instead of getting right to the search information, you have to sift through half a page of backlinked index sites. Google+ Pages is Google’s solution to this problem. These pages will have priority with Google’s Local Business listings (the area directly under the paid links).  Now the pages will be prominent in the search and give relevancy to all who interact. My assumption is that there will be some sort of tie-in with adwords. Not only will the businesses that have a page through Google+ get priority in searches, but I believe there will be an option for businesses to pay to get an extra prioritization in searches.

The people at Google are smart. Not because of the creation of this social networking site, but because they know how to make a buck. Google+ offers no new feature that is significantly different from any of the current social media websites. They led with their chin offering “Circles” as a way for people to start clean and recreate their social connections by categorizing them. This new pages feature isn’t going to revolutionize social media; it is essentially no different than Facebook pages in terms of functionality. It does, however, provide an opportunity for Google to get back to a more organic search while still being able to get their money.

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