A Cause to be Thankful for: #foodthanks

A lot of the time during the holidays we take for granted all of the things we are truly thankful for. So it is great that there are campaigns such as #foodthanks that can bring everything into perspective. AGchat’s twitter campaign asks those who participate to tweet about what they are thankful for while directing attention to the farming and food communities.

Working with several food clients, JB Chicago has had to rely heavily on these communities to interact and promote certain clients and campaigns. These are hardworking members of society that can really get behind a movement to affect it in a positive way and for that we are extremely thankful. SO along with your family, friends and good health, the staff at JB Chicago asks you to also take some time to think of the people in these communities who help to provide the food on your plate all year long.

Be sure to tweet using the #foodthanks hashtag to share what you are truly thankful for and bring attention to a community that is truly giving.

For more information visit http://foodthanks.com/

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