This. Right here. Is my. Cousin.

It’s no secret that everyone in my family just oozes awesome. I don’t know if it’s because I exude wonderfulness to the people around me, or if it’s because I surround myself with amazing people (can’t it be a little of both?), but either way, my family is talented. This includes my cousin, Randy Crawford.

When we were little kids, Randy was always my go-to guy for listening to the band 3rd Bass and cruising around for chicks. He was, and still is, a talented rapper and musical talent, a fact proven when, later on in his life, he wrote songs for hit rap artist Toby Mac. He’s been underneath the radar and has been working his ass off, but, being the good guy that he is, he put his musical dreams on hold to help out his dad in the tiling business and raise a family for the last 20 years. But good karma, I believe, always comes back to those who deserve it, and now, he’s finally getting a chance to peruse his dreams.

Randy recently created a music video called “Friend Zone.” Performed by his band Webster County, the video and song tells of the trials and tribulations of a young man stuck in the dreaded “friend zone” by a pretty blonde (who happens to be his wife in real life). Basically, it tells the story of every nice boy who has heard the sentence “I love you like a brother” more times than he can count. Filled with romance, peril, sweet effects, cool costumes and a catchy beat, this music video, to say the least, rocks.

Check out his video on YouTube. It’s very bubblegum-fun with a retro-twist, a la DJ Jazzy Jazz and Fresh Prince and their single “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand.” If I do say so myself, it, like my cousin Randy, is pretty awesome.

Getting blasted into the friends zone has never been so cool.

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