Social Media and the Holidays: A Good Cause for Doing Good

As social media continues to gain a real part of our lives, this highly interactive platform also provides an excellent marketing tool to businesses small and large. There is a valuable opportunity in social media that a lot of people are still missing out on, and that is charity.

We’re all about marrying charity and social media here. As a board member of multiple Chicago non-profits, and more recently, the New Millennium Orchestra, JB Chicago has found all kinds of ways to give back and get involved in the community. After all, business is about bringing people together, so we figure why not make it better and bring people together for the greater good.

Our pursuits of good will also extend to our clients, and they can to yours too. Whether giving legs to an idea or spreading awareness through social media, we’re all about building relationships between good- causes and the good companies that support them. The Halloween applications and social media communication developed for Tetra Pak was a huge success. Motivated by fun and good feelings, every click in Facebook or Twitter, and every e-mail sent, landed a donation straight to World Wildlife Fund. Catalyst’s charity work with designers from across the globe land on their Area 3 blog, Twitter feeds and eventually around the world again.

Building these types of relationships provide great marketing directives, leading your business down the path you want. By giving people the incentive to share, you’re name goes right along with it. Any time of year, giving is genuinely a good thing that people want to be a part of. Providing the vehicle to help others through social media gives back and gives everyone a voice.

Share your charity and internet good doing experiences in the comments below. And remember, businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from tying up with the right causes. So whether you’re new to philanthropy or want to make sure you find the right cause for you and your business values, here are a few great places to get acquainted with:

New Millennium Orchestra

Looking Glass Theater

Network of Strength

Gateway Green

Network For Good

Your Cause



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